The Figure and Architecture. When trying to find to find a way in to have a reason for making figurative work I found it incredibly difficult tofind a narrative. Aftrer two years of frustration it clicked when I visited our Cathedral at Hereford and saw the masons at work restoring the damaged building. It was the contrast and interaction of the human form against the regular stone forms and It was this that gave me a stating point.
The figures have been inspired by classical sculpure from ancient Greece, artist such as Rodin and contemporary artists such as Anthony Gormley. I try and give then a relaxed natural feel to reflect our more less formal out on life today.
The decoration is fueled by the antique collections housed in our many museums, it took quite a few years for me to realise what it was I was drawn to as I was excited when walking in to the rooms, but disappointed after seeing nothing Iliked. It was the whole mass of colour and different patterns and finishes that I am interested in.
My style of making and decorating, which is quite direct has come about by the work I have done with students and special needs classes, where I would demonstrate things quickly and alays preferred the results.
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