Pugilist and the Swift.
The swifts nest in my studio roof space evey year and when the young are ready to fly the nest some find thier way into my space. I take great delight in releasing them into the open air. Some will rest a while before flying off. I find this incredible to think I am the only person to handle this creature as it only lands to raise young. It's evoked memories of the  innosense of my childhood where I would spend time searching for toads, frogs, newts and slow worms, a time of discovery.
The first piece I made holding a swift looked a bit of a scrapper due to its stocky appearance, which I liked, I was in contrast to how gentle he needed to be handling the bird. It made me think of the struggle, not just mental, but physical, to be an artist. Working as a contract engineer in factories, to make ends meet, was hard and demanding and then you would switch to a completely different way of working which requires you to be more sensetive to everything.
The pieces titled Pugilists waiting for the Swifts came about because fo the hard winter in 2007 where I found myself wish for the return of the swifts , as my clay was frozen so I couldn't work and I wanted the warm weather. This became a metaphor about waiting for better times.